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Harri offers a next-generation frontline employee experience platform built for companies that have service at the heart of their business. The Harri suite of talent attraction, workforce management, employee engagement, and compliance technologies enable organizations to intelligently attract, manage, engage, and retain the best talent to run and improve their business.

Harri serves over 50,000 restaurant and hotel locations and four million hospitality employees globally with emerging growth in retail and healthcare.

When HR technology companies say they focus on frontline workers, it turns out that they often just have features for recruiting high-volume talent and stop there. Harri is different. Going beyond its roots in recruiting, it wraps features from time tracking and compliance to configuration options that allow franchisees and corporations to set more granular controls over different locations as needed. From a worker perspective, Harri gathers worker sentiment and creates visualizations that show what’s working and what’s not, giving leaders a chance to step in and correct issues as they arise. I was pleasantly surprised at the feature set and breadth of capabilities that the team has developed. It’s easy to see why so many employers with frontline workers are turning to Harri for supporting their workforce. 

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Meet Our Executive Team

Luke Fryer Harri

Luke Fryer

CEO & Founder
Jack Gordon Harri

Jack Gordon

Chief Financial Officer
Feras Kayali Harri

Feras Kayali

Chief Technology Officer
Joe Miliziano Harri

Joe Miliziano

Chief Operating Officer
Mohammad Rabaya Harri

Mohammad Rabay'a

Chief Product Officer
Jenn Ravalli Harri

Jennifer Ravalli

Chief Marketing Officer
Keegan Conrey Harri

Keegan Conrey

SVP Sales, North America

Tena Lyons

Vice President, Product Marketing
Tristan Spencer Harri

Tristan Spencer

SVP Sales, UK

Graeme Beveridge

HR Director

Quincy Valencia

Senior Vice President - Innovation

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