Workforce Management
Technology Built
for Hospitality

Our workforce management solution provides integrated
tools that help you schedule, engage, and analyze your team.

Manage Your Teams More Efficiently to Deliver Exceptional Guest Experiences

The hospitality industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, making it challenging for managers to effectively manage their workforce. Workforce management tools are essential for hospitality managers to streamline their operations and overcome challenges such as labor cost management, compliance with wage and hour laws, and scheduling conflicts.

Workforce management solutions empower hospitality managers with real-time data analysis, which can help managers make data-driven decisions to improve their team’s productivity and engagement. 

With our workforce management system, managers can optimize their scheduling processes, automate time and attendance tracking, and improve communication among their team members. 

Our workforce management system helps you manage your team more effectively while streamlining your operations and delighting your guests. 

Scheduling Management

Shift Management
& Rules
Wage & Hour
Smart Scheduling
POS & Time-Clock
Manager & Team
Member Apps
Smart Scheduling

Our workforce management tools include a smart scheduling system that simplifies shift management. At last, an integrated approach to optimize critical scheduling considerations such as labor cost, compliance, sales performance, and publishing efficiency.

Time & Attendance Management Tools

Time Clock
Communications, Feedback, & Announcements
Meal Break & Deduction

Our biometric time clock and timesheet compliance tools help you manage the time and attendance environment in an engaging, biometrically controlled application that drives compliance needs and communications at the point of clock-in. With our workforce management system, you can also manage meal breaks and time deductions.

Team Communication Tools

Custom Message
Groups & News Feed
TeamHub –
Time Clock
Harri Live & TeamLive
Mobile Apps

Efficient teamwork for every location is possible with our workforce management solution. Our custom message groups and newsfeed, TeamHub, multi-channel notifications, and Harri Live & TeamLive Mobile Apps help you stay connected and collaborate effectively.


Harri’s suite of workforce management technology is built for the hospitality industry. Our tools help operators manage teams efficiently in a fast-paced hotel or restaurant environment. With real-time data and built-in analytics, managers can optimize schedules, automate tasks like time and attendance tracking, and streamline team communications.

Our intelligent scheduling software is a comprehensive solution designed for the unique demands of the hospitality industry. The platform allows for easy configuration of shift-related rules, such as clocking in/out, flexible shifts, and employee-driven swaps, all accessible via our TeamLive app. Using a blend of labor analytics, historic sales data, weather conditions, and other critical factors, the software ensures schedules are labor-efficient and compliant.

Beyond mere scheduling, Harri ensures real-time adjustments by displaying critical analytics like labor costs, position-based availability, and unassigned shifts. The platform also emphasizes employee engagement, allowing for easy shift swaps, shift preferences, and open shift volunteering, all accessible via mobile apps for both managers and employees.

Harri’s system offers wage & hour compliance features as well as meal break and deduction management to ensure adherence to labor laws and standards.

Our intelligent scheduling software prioritizes labor compliance, offering real-time notifications, warnings, and suggestions related to federal and local regulations Fair workweek. This includes tracking overtime, ensuring break requirements, and adhering to minor hour restrictions.

Yes, Harri’s workforce management system includes POS & Time-Clock integration features. You can easily integrate your scheduling and sales data with the most popular POS systems. To view all our integration partners, visit our Partners page.

Harri provides a full suite of communication tools, including custom group messaging channels and newsfeeds, multi-channel notifications via email, SMS, and push notifications, and dedicated manager and employee mobile apps.

Overall, our employee engagement solutions create a single place for all employees to organize conversations, collaborate, and make requests, even when working across multiple locations.

TeamHub is Harri’s dedicated time clock product, built for hospitality. Managers use it to keep their teams engaged and on-track. TeamHub can assist with:

  • Collecting feedback from employees about their shift experience, overall contentment, menu effectiveness, and other vital aspects to stay in touch with frontline activities.
  • Sending notifications and messages about recent menu additions, specials, events, and other updates.
  • The upload of various media types to ensure messages are delivered in the most effective manner.

TeamLive by Harri is a highly intuitive and useful team scheduling and communication app, built specifically for the hospitality industry. Modeled after the social media platforms employees and managers use every day, team members can dynamically view their work schedule across devices by day, week, or month; be alerted to new or updated work schedules; and take comfort in the built-in functionality to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, app users can also receive push notifications to alert them of important changes and access a centralized company newsfeed. The TeamLive app has all of the scheduling & communication tools you need, in one place!

Harri’s system is tailor-made for the hospitality industry, providing a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance team engagement, productivity, and compliance, ultimately delivering a superior guest experience.

The Right Tools to Manage Your Team More Effectively

Improve your team’s engagement, productivity, and compliance with Harri’s workforce management solutions. 

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